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Edward Slopek

Edward Slopek (1953) is a multimedia artist, performer, musician, painter, writer and teacher, holding degrees from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art and Design, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), the University of Leicester Centre for Mass Communication Research (Masters), and the Graduate Program in Communication at McGill University (Montreal, PhD). He has taught at NSCAD, McGill University, the University of Calgary and is now Emeritus Professor in the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University (Toronto). Since the mid-70s, he has exhibited his video work and art installations globally, was a founding member and Director of the Centre for Art Tapes in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Assistant Editor of the Canadian Journal of Communication, and Program Director of the New Media Option in the School of Image Arts. He has written and published on a host of topics (including “ReEXPOsitioning the Screen: The Past of the Future at Montreal’s World’s Fair,” in Louise Poissant and Pierre Tremblay (eds.), Prolifération des écrans/of screens, 2008; “Grand Tours: Gifts, Cybernauts, First Life - Traveling with the Likes of Charles Babbage, Raymond Roussel, and Vachel Lindsay,” in Louise Poissant and Pierre Tremblay (eds.), Ensemble Ailleurs/Together Elsewhere, 2010) and presented at numerous international conferences. Currently, he is composing two operas, the first on the life of Marcel Duchamp, and the second, on America’s greatest philosopher and founder of Pragmatism and modern Semiotics, Charles Sanders Peirce.

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