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Modern Mannerism in Italian Poetry
ISBN 9788822900715
2017, pp. 96
115x190 mm, brossura
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«The neomannerist poetry of the Novecento is featured here in concise analyses of the works of seven poets. The dark light that gleams from their verse is at once the product of derivation from the earlier maniera and of a new poetic idiom, coined in direct response to the late modern experience of the sublime, the irregular and the unexpected.»

This study approaches mannerism as a constant in literary history, a stylistic system that re-emerges in the 20th century with particular force. As demonstrated in readings of Ungaretti, Sinisgalli, Fortini, Campo, Giudici, Rosselli and De Signoribus, the neo-mannerist poem is both self-generated and derivative, and proposes in its message a strong ethical response to the crises of the century.

  • 1. Maniera: Definitions and History
  • 2. Tracing a Lineage
  • 3. Ungaretti
  • 4. Sinisgalli
  • 5. Fortini
  • 6. Campo
  • 7. Giudici
  • 8. Rosselli
  • 9. De Signoribus
  • 10. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Abstract
  • Biography
Thomas Peterson

Thomas E. Peterson’s most recent books are The Revolt of the Scribe in Modern Italian Literature (U of Toronto P, 2010), Pasolini: Civic Poet of Modernity (Transference, 2012), Petrarch’s Fragmenta: the Narrative and Theological Unity of Rerum vulgarium fragmenta (U of Toronto P, 2016) and an annotated edition of Pier Paolo Pasolini, The Divine Mimesis (Contra Mundum, 2014).

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