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Zevi’s Architects
History and Counter-History of Italian Architecture 1944-2000
Curated by Pippo Ciorra and Jean-Louis Cohen
ISBN 9788822902085
2018, pp. 204
167x240 mm, softcover with color illustrations
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Exhibition Catalogue: Zevi’s Architects. History and Counter-History of Italian Architecture 1944-2000
Curated by Pippo Ciorra and Jean-Louis Cohen
MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo April 25, 2018 - September 16, 2018

The book is pulibshed on the occasion of Zevi's birth and it's an homage to the great historian, lecturer, critic, politician and designer. It is also a reflexion about the modern and contemporary Italian architectures that Zevi's supported and promoted through his work.
Through drawings, models and other visual materials, the book intends to clarify the fundamental role played by Zevi in the Italian post-war architectural debate, highlighting the importance of the relationship between architecture and active politics.
Maurizio Sacripanti, Luigi Pellegrin, Franco Albini, Giovanni Michelucci, Mario Ridolfi and Carlo Mollino are just a few of the 35 featured architects whose designs, published and supported by Zevi, accompanied his career in over 50 years of critical, militant activity.
Therefore, the volume represents both a new overview of Italian architecture from the post-war years through to the end of the 20th century and an opportunity to spotlight Zevi’s extensive criticism and writing, his political and social passion and his presence in the civic history of the country.

Alcune pagine
  • Giovanna Melandri, President Fondazione Maxxi
  • Margherita Guccione, Director Maxxi Architettura
  • Adachiara Zevi, President Fondazione Bruno Zevi
  • Pippo Ciorra, Storymakers
  • Jean-Louis Cohen, Zevi under Zevi
  • Roberto Dulio, Zevi: Chronicles and History
  • Frank Gehry, on Bruno Zevi
  • Maristella Casciato, Wright, Asplund, Neutra: in Zevi’s Words
  • Marida Talamona, Zevi and Olivetti: Strategies for Urban Reconstruction (1945-46)
  • Daria Ricchi, The Story of a Historical Trilogy: Myth, Chronicles and Storia
  • Zvi Hecker, on Bruno Zevi
  • Alessandra Muntoni, Zevi and Rome, 1944-68
  • Elena Tinacci, Bruno Zevi in Venice, 1948-63: “The Enchantment of Those Fifteen Years Is Immeasurable”
  • Peter Eisenman, on Bruno Zevi
  • Alicia Imperiale, Organic Architecture as an Open Work
  • Giulia Menzietti, The Ruins of Education
  • Massimo Locci, Zevi an Italian Architect at the End of the 20th Century
  • Luca Guido, Bruno Zevi Architect: A Critic at the Drafting Table
  • Antonino Saggio, The “Universale di architettura” series
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