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Out of the corner of my eye
Writings on photography
A cura di Stefano Chiodi
ISBN 9788822902689
2021, pp. 184
167x240 mm, brossura con bandelle, illustrazioni bn
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The favoured topic of Marina Ballo’s photography is what is “always seen,” the objects remaining at the threshold of perception, the out of focus from which the “background noise of our minds” transpires. In order for this dimension to surface, you need to look at the world “out of the corner of your eye,” incorporating distraction, quiescence and the variety of day-to-day experience into your gaze. Matching images and words has been the author’s imperative necessity over the whole of her artistic path. Long-distance exchanges with her favourite authors and photographers (such as Gabriele Basilico and Lewis Baltz), writing thoughts, compiling work journals, clarifying theoretical roots and discovering inspirational affinities (for example with Robert Adams, Raoul Hausmann, Timothy O’Sullivan, Jeff Wall) reveal themselves to be integral parts of her creative practice. Arranged both in a chronological order and according to themes, the texts shed light on the connection between her work with images and the psychotherapeutic counselling, both deemed as processes based on a “particular sort of relationship with the world or with the landscape, one based on listening and on being surprised by things that do not seem to have any particular meaning.” This book is a meditation on photography as an instrument of knowledge and as means of experience that activates the subconscious.
This volume, edited by Stefano Chiodi, is complemented by a conversation of the author with Jean-François Chevrier.

Alcune pagine
  • Introduction
  • Photographic unconscious and personal unconscious
  • Peripheral vision
  • Presences. Empathy: being inside the experience
  • The everyday, the ordinary, the uncertain
  • The repressed gaze. Against the anthropocentric view
  • The normal lens
  • Fluctuating attention
  • An odd way of looking
  • Distraction / inattention
  • The empathic relationship with a place. The out-of-frame
  • Chance
  • The body
  • Primo campo
  • The measure of the work. Installation
  • Presenting, not representing
  • The document of experience
  • Heterotopies
  • A photography seminar with children: the field
  • Appendix. Photography and psychotherapy

  • Conversation with Jean-François Chevrier
  • Stefano Chiodi, Peripheral vision
  • Index of illustrations
  • Index

Marina Ballo Charmet

Marina Ballo Charmet lavora con la fotografia e il video. Da più di trent’anni opera come psicoterapeuta nei servizi territoriali pubblici di Milano. Ha esposto in numerosi musei e istituzioni in Italia e all’estero, tra cui il Musée Unterlinden a Colmar, il Museo del Novecento a Milano, il MACRO a Roma, la Triennale di Milano, il Fotomuseum a Winterthur, il Centre national de la photographie a Parigi e lo Storefront for Art and Architecture a New York. Ha partecipato alla XII Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia nel 2010 e alla XLVII Biennale d’Arte di Venezia nel 1997. Tra i suoi libri ricordiamo: Il parco/The Park (Charta, 2008), Marina Ballo Charmet. Fotografie e video 1993/2006 (Electa, 2007), Primo campo (Le Point du Jour, 2004), Rumore di fondo (Art&, 1998), Con la coda dell’occhio (Art&, 1995), L’incontro difficile (Emme, 1984).

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