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Designing a Spoon to Change the City
With a contribution by Andrea Branzi
ISBN 9788822905161
2020, pp. 144
140x220 mm, brossura
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Based on an idea by Claudio Larcher. A group of Italian designers climbs up toward the peak of a mountain. Their destination is the Taramelli lodge, at an altitude of 6,712 feet, in the heart of the Dolomites. The purpose of the trip is to try to think about current themes having to do with contemporary design: challenges, new scenarios, problems, changes in models, markets, and scales. From the real city to the digital one, from the value of the given to that – which easily beats it – of the object. The result of this is an attempt to define what is referred to today as contemporary design.

  • Guido Tattoni, Dean - NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

  • Everything is unforeseen and unpredictable. And therefore fascinating. An open and inconclusive conversation between Andrea Branzi and Claudio Larcher

  • 1. Let’s imagine eight designers at an altitude of 6,712 feet

  • 2. You never forget your first spoon
    • Claudio Larcher, Conceptual design according to Claudio
    • Francesco Fusillo, Francesco’s ice cream
    • Eugenia Morpurgo, Eugenia’s Muse
    • Marcello Pirovano, Marcello’s Chimera
    • Filippo Protasoni, Filippo’s quilt
    • Sara Ricciardi, Sara’s redesign
    • Sovrappensiero Design (Ernesto and Lorenzo), Sovrappensiero’s enjoyability

  • 3. The world of Platfirms
    • The new value of value
    • The Stack and Platfirms, metaphors for new sovereign spaces
    • Analog or digital. Choose which side you’re on

  • 4. The value of the data vs. the value of the object
    • Toward a new digital coin
    • A hacker attack at the hyperconnected house. Krack!

  • 5. I can’t design something I don’t believe in
    • Ethical fois gras
    • Long live low-profile design

  • 6. We are the children of sampled music
    • The experience of CaptionBot
    • Artificial Intelligence and creativity (tex by Guido Tattoni)
    • The age of human creativity is coming to an end. And it’s our own fault (text by Laura Traldi)
    • Masters and chimeras

  • 7. The city. Is it invisible?
    • The smart city
    • The city. A stage for the human being
    • For a new spatial ontology

  • 8. Do we really need a new spoon?
    • The discomfort of abundance
    • The cumbersome memory

  • 9. For a Manifesto of the contemporary age. Ideas and thoughts

  • 10. The appendix of the spoon

  • Afterword. Conversation with Italo Rota in the age of Covid-19

Claudio Larcher
Valentina Dalla Costa
Pubblicazioni dell'autore
Claudio Larcher, Valentina Dalla Costa

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