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Updating Values
Perspectives on Design Education
A cura di Alessandra Bosco e Silvia Gasparotto
ISBN 9788822905451
2021, pp. 224
165x220 mm, brossura con sovraccoperta, illustrazioni bn
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Updating Values. Perspectives on Design Education includes the proceedings of the International Symposium Updating Values – FutureDesignEd 2020 held in San Marino on January 16-17, 2020.
FutureDesignEd is an academic research project promoted by the University of Bologna Design Programmes, the aim of which is to observe the ongoing transformation of design education through the involvement of a community of international observers. The volume aims to further the discourse on “educational values” in the field of design. From Piero Formica’s “creative ignorance” to Alice Twemlow’s reflection upon the “human, post-human, and more-than-human”, from Audrey G. Bennett’s educational model to Juan Salamanca’s framework of responsible innovation, a plurality of different viewpoints emerges.
All of them converged in the Manifesto of Updating Values – FutureDesignEd 2020, which identifies twelve values we believe are the core of design and design education, the cornerstones of a lifelong process of learning and personal and professional growth: aware of the past, open to the future, and engaged with the world.

  • Updating Values. Perspectives on Design Education
    • Corrado Petrocelli, Foreword
    • Flaviano Celaschi, Elena Formia, Omar Vulpinari, FutureDesignEd “Innovation in Design Education – Innovation in Education by Design” – Permanent Observatory
    • Flaviano Celaschi, Elena Formia, Omar Vulpinari, FutureDesignEd 2017 – Survey Report Summary

  • Updating Values – FutureDesignEd 2020 Student-Centred Design Education
    • Alessandra Bosco, Silvia Gasparotto, Student-Centred Design Education. Learning through Freedom and Responsibility
    • Piero Formica, The Parable of Creative Ignorance Told to a Design Thinker. A Short Story that Illustrates Personal and Social Attitudes to Innovation and Entrepreneurialism
    • Massimo Santanicchia, Cosmopolitan Citizenship in Design Education
    • Katelijn Quartier, Academic Consultancy Training in an Interdisciplinary Context
    • Angela Grosso Ciponte, Danilo Silvestri, Catherine Sokoloff, First Aid for the First Step into the Profession in Art and Design
    • Updating Values. Survey Data Visualization Summary

  • Updating Values – FutureDesignEd 2020 Future-Centred Design Education
    • Alessandra Bosco, Silvia Gasparotto, Elena Formia, Future-Centred Design Education. Projects and Perspectives for Future Challenges
    • Alice Twemlow, Compositing the Prospects of Design Education: Five Prompts for Discussion
    • Manuela Celi, POFF Polimi Futures’ Fictions. A First Step towards Design Anticipatory Literacy
    • Miikka J. Lehtonen, Hani Asfour, Nordic Rebels and Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation: Intersecting Pathways for Envisioning the Future of Design Education

    • Juan Salamanca, Design Innovation Percolated through a Model for Ethical Inquiry

  • From Our International Observers
    • Andreas Sicklinger, Beyond Teaching in School: What We Learn with Time
    • Audrey Grace Bennett, Generative Play: A Future-Centred Design Education Model
    • Tommaso Bovo, Liquid Didactics. The Multiplication of Design Methods
    • Bernard John Canniffe, Creating an Active Environment for Students to Push Against the Status Quo
    • Raffaella Fagnoni, “Progettare nel caos. XYZ2019” by La Scuola Open Source (SOS)
    • Valentina Frosini, Veronica De Salvo, Lorenzo Gerbi, An Entropy-Driven Scenario for Future Design Education
    • Radka Newton, Yujia Huang, The Value of Uncertainty in the Business and Management Curriculum
    • Qassim Saad, Interdisciplinary Design Approach-Led Multicultural Perspective Teaching Practice
    • Riccardo Varini, Massimo Brignoni, Alessio Abdolahian, Rural Communities as Places for Design Change
    • Jonathan Ventura, The Value of Values: From Inclusive Design to Social Design
    • Matteo Vignoli, Eleonora Musca, Cultivating Emancipated Professionals for Tackling Future Wicked Problems

  • Testing New Premises
    •  Gianni Sinni, Designing Implications. Design Fiction as a Tool for Social Change
    • Matteo Moretti, Lucrezia Faraci, Carmen Ianiro, Participatory Data Physicalization as a Tool to Facilitate the Opening of Debates

  • Manifesto Updating Values – FutureDesignEd 2020
  • About the Authors
  • What Will Future Design Education Look Like in the Post Covid-19 Era?

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