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The Fountains of Za’atari
1. Inhabiting without Belonging
2. Za’atari City Guide
The book includes essays by Margherita Moscardini, Myriam Ababsa, Leonardo Caffo, Donatella Di Cesare, Kilian Kleinschmidt, Massimo Sterpi, Luigia Bersani
Published in co-edition with Collezione Maramotti
ISBN 9788822905840
2021, pp. 196 + 216
Two indivisible volumes
Language: English
Clothbound hardcover
148x210 mm
map included, illustrations
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€ 42,75 (prezzo online -5%)
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The Fountains of Za’atari is a multidimensional project from artist Margherita Moscardini that has been in development since 2015, based on research into refugee camps as urban spaces that are destined to last. The Za’atari refugee camp was founded in 2012, located in a semi-desert area of northern Jordan, to house Syrians fleeing conflict in their home country and it is recognised as the fourth-largest city in Jordan in terms of its area.
This project aims to establish a system through which local governments and civic institutions can buy life-size sculptures that reproduce the various courtyards with fountains in the Za’atari camp, for display in public spaces across Europe. These sculptures should receive special jurisdiction that includes elements of extraterritoriality.

The project The Fountains of Za’atari includes a sculpture permanently installed in Parco Alcide Cervi in Reggio Emilia (since 14 April 2019), a temporary exhibition at Collezione Maramotti (14 April – 28 July 2019), this publication in English, and the corresponding Italian edition.

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Margherita Moscardini

IT. Margherita Moscardini (n. 1981 a Donoratico, Livorno, dove vive e lavora) è un’artista italiana che attraverso la scrittura, il disegno e interventi in larga scala studia le trasformazioni urbane in termini di ambiente materiale, naturale e sociale analizzando contesti ritenuti paradigmatici del nostro tempo.

ENG Margherita Moscardini (b. 1981 in Donoratico, Livorno, where she lives and works) is an Italian artist who uses writing, drawing, and large-scale works to study urban transformations of the material, natural and social landscape, analysing emblematic contexts of our time.

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Margherita Moscardini

Le fontane di Za’atari

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