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Transitional Landscapes
A cura di Michelangelo Russo, Anna Attademo, Enrico Formato, Francesca Garzilli
Volume in inglese
ISBN 9788822908094
2023, pp. 320
210x300 mm, brossura con bandelle, illustrazioni a colori e bn
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Il libro

This collection of essays reflects on the theme of “transition” in all of its nuances (from ecological to sustainable, describing the potential of fragile territories). This is a current issue on the political agenda and in the international scientific community, which interprets transition as a condition that calls for redesigning / rethinking spaces and flows (human and non-human) for a new relational ecology between bodies and inhabited contexts.
Researchers, local administrators, architects, landscape architects, photographers are asked to think about landscapes in transition and their repercussions on urban planning and on the local and global territory.
The contributions develop innovative reflections, especially in reference to the spaces of the urban fringe, abandoned and polluted areas, landscapes at natural and environmental risk. The transition in these spaces consists in the possibility of enhancing their ecological and environmental potential, favoring a transformation that affects society, settlements, and economies, with improvement in the living environments and the recycling of entire portions of the landscape.
Hence, this book compares proposals and issues: the former, coming from the international perspectives of international projects; the latter, linked to local landscapes that must be preserved in the richness of their values in relation to history and biodiversity; landscapes that must be safeguarded if we are to improve the quality of life, designed as the producers of habitable space and beauty.

  • Foreword
    • Bruno Discepolo
    • Pasquale Belfiore
    • Liana De Filippis
  • Introduction
    • Michelangelo Russo, Transitional Landscapes
    • Enrico Formato, The Transitional Turn. Scenarios
    • Anna Attademo, “Extra-ordinary” Planning. Methods
    • Francesca Garzilli, Pimp my Border. Tools
  • Reading the Transistion As...
  • 1. As a Way to Design with Nature
    • Isotta Cortesi, The Becoming of the Landscape
    • Andreas Kipar, Landscape as a Processual and Regenerative Project for Public Space
    • Jordi Bellmunt, Transitional Landscapes: Landscapes in Doubt
    • Lucina Caravaggi, Landscape. A Way of Thinking Relations
  • 2. As a Planning Tool
    • Nicola Martinelli, Maddalena Scalera, Planning and Designing Urban Forests. The Instruments of the Puglia PPTR
    • Angela Barbanente, Facing the Challenges of Transitional Landscapes in the Apulia Region
    • Carmine Piscopo, Multiplying Transitions
    • Enrico Formato, Anna Attademo, Anna Terracciano, Landscape Planning in the Transition. The Case of Campania
  • Interlude #1. Designs of Transition. Landscape Architecture Projects and Research
  • Maria Simioli, A Choral Story of Transitional Landscape: Projects, Photos, and Research
  • LAND
  • MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
  • B2B Arquitectes
  • LandLab
  • OLIN Studio
  • Richard Weller
  • 3. As a Place of Social and Ecological Reconciliation
    • Richard Weller, Hot Peri-Urbanism
    • Daniela Colafranceschi, Transitional Landscapes / Reversed Landscapes
    • Michel Desvigne, Temporal Design Approaches in Landscape Architecture to Transform Public Spaces
    • Mariavaleria Mininni, Moving Landscapes
  • 4. As a Place to Shape Flows
    • Rahul Mehrotra, Imagining Cities in a Time of Flux
    • Miriam García García, Coastal Metabolism and Climate Resilience
    • Roberto Pasini, Transitional Landscapes: Dematerialization and Expansion of Scopes
  • Interlude #2. Shoots of Transition. Landscape Photos
    • Paolo De Stefano Portfolio (with an introduction by Laura Lieto)
    • Mario Ferrara Portfolio (with an introduction by Enrico Formato)
    • Maurizio Schächter Conte Portfolio (with an introduction by Enrico Formato)
  • 5. As an Opportunity to Recycle Space
    • Mosè Ricci, Performance, Sharing, Narrative. Three Objectives and Five Strategic Moves
    • Pasquale Miano, Three Logics of Transition
    • Cherubino Gambardella, Simona Ottieri, Restyling of the Scampia Underground Station
    • Vito Cappiello, A Re-Connection between Urban and Non-Urban, between Spatial and A-Spatial Elements
    • Maria Cerreta, Transformative Values for Regenerative Landscapes
  • 6. As an Intermediate Scale for Design
    • Federico Zanfi, Conceptualizing Large-Scale Projects from What Already Exists
    • Paola Viganò, A Weak Structure for the Transition
    • David Gouverneur, Adaptive Landscapes for Spatial and Social Justice: The Informal Armatures Approach
    • Sara Protasoni, The Landscape Project in Terrains Vagues
  • About the Authors
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