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Twenty-Two Places of the Soul
Translated by Adam Victor
ISBN 9788822920652
2022, pp. 132
120x182 mm, brossura
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The thread that weaves through Isabella Ducrot’s twenty-two stories is like the weave of the fabrics she so loves and collects: not tight but slightly slack, not completely covering but allowing glimpses of what lies behind. Isabella Ducrot refers to this aspect of her textiles and prose as “breath.” It reveals itself in the gaps, the empty spaces and the rips, emotionally touching anyone who recognizes it for what it is: a questioning, an asking us to understand. Thus, whether it be on a beach in her hometown of Naples or on a trip, whether it be a childhood memory or a religious reflection, in each of these places Isabella Ducrot bears witness to a moment of felicitous intimacy, initially with amazement, then posing whimsically childish questions of these seemingly insignificant yet unforgettable events.

  • 1. Grandma
  • 2. Life Without Facts
  • 3. High Ground
  • 4. Miraculous 2021
  • 5. The Caterpillar
  • 6. In mappa compescere risum
  • 7. On In mappa compescere risum
  • 8. The Kitten
  • 9. An Indian Sunset
  • 10. September 1957
  • 11. Fabric
  • 12. You Didn’t Call But I Rush In
  • 13. Useless Knowledge
  • 14. Palermo 1994
  • 15. Translation
  • 16. The Ultimate Happiness
  • 17. White Leather
  • 18. Dinner
  • 19. Verses
  • 20. Baubo
  • 21. Something Religious
  • 22. January 1997
  • Note on the texts
Isabella Ducrot

IT. Isabella Ducrot (Napoli 1931) da anni ha fatto dello studio e dell’interesse per la storia dei tessuti il centro delle sue opere pittoriche e dei suoi scritti. Tra i suoi libri ricordiamo La matassa primordiale (nottetempo, 2008), Text on textile (Sylph Edition, 2012) Suonno (La Conchiglia, 2012), Fallaste corazon (Il Notes Magico, 2012). Presso Quodlibet ha pubblicato La stoffa a quadri (2018), La vita femminile (2021) e I ventidue luoghi dello spirito (2022).

EN. Isabella Ducrot (Naples 1931) has for many years focused her paintings and writings on studying and pursuing her interest in the history of textiles. Her books include La matassa primordiale (nottetempo, 2008), Text on Textile (Sylph Editions, 2008), Suonno (La Conchiglia, 2012), and Fallaste corazon (Il Notes Magico, 2012). For Quodlibet, she has written The Checkered Cloth (2019), Women’s Life (2021) and Twenty-Two Places of the Soul (2022).

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Isabella Ducrot


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Isabella Ducrot

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