villardjournal / investigate

Edited by Giovanni Corbellini
ISBN 9788822901170
2018, pp. 192
130x200 mm, brossura, illustrazioni bn
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pippo ciorra | giovanni corbellini | anna contati | silvia dalzero | giorgia de pasquale | delphine desert | sara favargiotti | maddalena ferretti | paola galante | guiomar martín domínguez | giulia menzietti | caterina micucci | marion nielsen | luigi pintacuda | laura pujia | chiara rizzi | alessandro tessari | giulio testori | moira valeri | paola zanotto

  • Pippo Ciorra, Foreword
  • Giovanni Corbellini, Design by Research
  • Anna Contati, Genetic In-Formation Metaphor: Eduardo Arroyo vs François Roche
  • Silvia Dalzero, Rejected Landscapes / Recycled Landscapes: Waste Disposal and Recycling Sites
  • Giorgia De Pasquale, The Never-Ending Ulysses Myth: The Influence of the Mediterranean Sea on Architectural Thinking
  • Delphine Desert, Architectural Exhibition: The Aesthetics of Discourse
  • Sara Favargiotti, Places beyond Infrastructures: The Second Life of Abandoned Airfields
  • Maddalena Ferretti, Land Stocks: A Crosscutting Strategy for the Analysis and Design of Cities and Territories
  • Paola Galante, Towards a Workable Space
  • Guiomar Martín Domínguez, Kahn’s Productive Ambiguities at the Adler and Devore Houses
  • Giulia Menzietti, Heritage: Verfall Der Aura
  • Caterina Micucci, [Kool]Age: Interdisciplinary Process as an Opportunity?
  • Marion Nielsen Dit Christensen, Railway Travel: The Perception Mechanisms of a Moving Space
  • Luigi Pintacuda, Urban Mutations: Bucharest from East Border to the Core of Europe
  • Laura Pujia, From Perception to Design: Architectural Tools for the Heritage Landscape
  • Alessandro Tessari, Informal Rooting: An Open Atlas
  • Giulio Testori, World War One: The Impact of Logistics on European Territories
  • Chiara Rizzi, The Fourth Landscape: Ecological Restoration, Mitigation and Compensation as Design Strategies
  • Moira Valeri, Slow Tracks, Fast Changes: The Turkish Bus Terminal as Urban Transformation Device
  • Paola Zanotto, Grow Right, Grow Well: The Role of Architecture and Planning in Development Aid Projects at the Un