QU3 – iQuaderni di U3 / Extitutional Urbanisms in Latin America

Extitutional Urbanisms in Latin America
A cura di Adriana Goñi Mazzitelli, Mauro Gil Fournier
Testi in lingua italiana e inglese
ISBN 9788822907431
2021, pp. 128
148x210 mm, brossura
€ 16,00
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We start to write this number before the Coronavirus pandemic. The great solidarity networks that are emerging from the crisis, confirm that in this time of great political and institutional upheaval around the world, Latin America shows a capability of great solidarity and resilience that come from self organized practices. While these groups are critical in front of control measures and the proposal of neoliberal formulas to shrink the State and hinder its provision of a safety net for everyday life, we are interested in analyse how they could being recognized with an active role in planning issues.

This number of Q3 shows a variety of researches on experiences that goes beyond these convulsed times into new ways of what we call extitutional urbanism, where we identify a permanent interaction of a multiplicity of agents and agencies, as well as innovative processes that are redistributing urban decision-making. We consider that some new concepts and theories, as well as methodological approaches could be an opportunity to re- visited the traditional discussions on participation in territorial planning.

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