Discipline Filosofiche / Knowledge and Justification

Knowledge and Justification
XXII 2 2012
Edited by Annalisa Coliva, Sebastiano Moruzzi and Giorgio Volpe
ISBN 9788874625604
2012, pp. 176
140x215 mm, brossura
€ 20,00
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  • Annalisa Coliva, Sebastiano Moruzzi and Giorgio Volpe, Guest Editors’ Preface
  • Klemens Kappel, The Problem of Deep Disagreement
  • Michele Palmira, A Critique of Contextualist Approaches to Peer Disagreement
  • Tim Kraft, Scepticism, Infallibilism, Fallibilism
  • Raban Reichmann, The Unrecognised Error-Possibility and New Sceptical Impetus
  • Maria Cristina Amoretti and Nicla Vassallo, Do We Know (Almost) Nothing? Global Scepticism and Justification
  • René van Woudenberg, Belief is Involuntary: The Evidence from Thought Experiments and Empirical Psychology
  • Arturs Logins, Knowledge, Practice, and Merit
  • Dan O’Brien, Hume and the Intellectual Virtues
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