Riviste / Discipline Filosofiche / A partire da Husserl / Renversements de l’intentionnalité : Jean-Luc Marion et la mise en question de la subjectivité de l’apparaître

by Jean-Luc Marion accomplishes an inversion of the intentionality of appearing of the phenomena: instead of being the origin of the appearing of the phenomena, the intentionality of the subject is immanent to this appearing and given only ex post on the ground of the event of appearing of the phenomena as its adonné. But, according to texts like Givenness and Hermeneutics, for the phenomenon to be given, an activity of interpretation on the subjective side, the intention of the subject of appearing is to be done as well. This hermeneutical inversion of the intentionality seems to rehabilitate a subjective character of the event of the appearing of phenomena.