Riviste / Discipline Filosofiche / A partire da Husserl / Réflexivité et scission originaire du sujet chez Husserl

This article studies the husserlian conception of an internal split (Spaltung) of the subject, as it is developed in the course of the 20s, in relationship with the methodological question of reflexion. Far from being an unfortunate consequence of the reflexion (making it impossible for the subject to reach itself), this split mustn’t be confused with a separation (Scheidung): it is prior to reflexion, it makes the subject’s reflexivity possible and provides a deeper understanding of the meaning of his identity. After rebuilding the idea of a native Ichspaltung related to the iterative nature of reflexion, the article focuses on the dialogue between Husserl and Fink about the Sixth Cartesian Meditation in order to show that this original split is the concept from which a speculative and a reflective conception of the subject can be distinguished.